Seventeenth century outfit

I really haven’t done much this week between working.


I dont think I really needed a bum roll in the end – this was taken without- as the jacket poofs out quite nicely over the very full skirt.

i do regret not having taken the time to take the stays in when I did the fitting. They could have been two to four inches smaller without being tight, and as they stand I think I’d only have to loose a pound or two before they became uncomfortably loose. If I take them in I’ll have to take the jacket in as well, which, eurgh…I hate alterations.

i think the bottom bow also needs to move up about two inches as well, because it causes puckering when fully tied. I also want a better kerchief as this one bunches at the neck, but if have lace ordered so I might as well wait until that arrives.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 5, 2016.

18 Responses to “Seventeenth century outfit”

  1. Amazing … and lovely! … well done!

  2. It looks great and I am so impressed that you stitched all the design too!

  3. Very impressive. You look great. Congratulations.

  4. All that squiggle-stitching has paid of handsomely, it’s a splendid jacket and looks comfortable and practical, too.

  5. The whole ensemble looks fabulous and the jacket is stunning – I had no idea quite how satinny the fabric really was.

    • Satin does tend to do that. Although I always think it’s easy to tell the difference between the cheap shine of poly satin and the expensive lustre of the real thing

  6. Impressive!

  7. It’s turned out really well – I can quite see why you would be a bit fed up with the idea of alterations, though…

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