trying to decide

First things first, I have had my tent up numerous times this summer with my embroidery displayed, but as usual I keep forgetting to take pics. Here is one from Preston Park museum on Sunday – pretty minimal because it was very windy and I was worried in case the tent suffered wind related failure…


I suffered wind related failure yesterday, I was so tired from the wind on Sunday that when I got home I fell asleep and drooled all over Gareth most of the way through ghostbusters, and I still wasn’t all there yesterday.

Anyway, since the adel church collar decided that it didn’t want to be with my silk brocade, but instead wanted it’s own norman frock (which I need to finish) I’ve been umming and aahing over what to put with the brocade. I’ve finally decided that the sleeves with have a simple border of pearls, whilst the neck will have a collar of pearls, small enamels, and gems – simple but mega blingy. I don’t want enamels round the sleeves though because they’d likely get knocked about too much.

This just leaves me trying to decide whish of the plain silks from my stash (my embarrassingly extensive stash) to use to line the sleeves and provide the background to all the pearls.


I think the plum is my current favourite – it does clash a bit, but it looks nice and rich, and will show pearls and gold thread up very well. I think the orange shot taffeta is a bit meh against the brocade though.


I don’t think I like either of the blacks, they’re too heavy. Also, I have no idea why I have several metres of black silk crepe – maybe I should make something Victorian with that instead. I can’t think why I’d buy silk crepe,  it must have been dirt cheap.


I’d also forgotten I had yellow watered taffeta. It does look sort of pretty, but I think the reason I’ve never used it is it’s so pale I’d worry about getting it dirty – I’m also not sure about this type of silk for the c12th/13th.(I know the watered taffeta was stupidly cheap, and it’s gorgeous, but it does look like an absolute dirt magnet of a colour) I think the very dark blue is my current second favourite, the only problem being that it’s a double sided satin, so I think it would be very stiff as a sleeve lining (would show pearls and gold very well though..)


~ by opusanglicanum on August 9, 2016.

12 Responses to “trying to decide”

  1. I plump for plum – rich, as you said, and won’t distract attention from the brocade and the jewelled trimmings.

  2. I vote for the plum!

  3. The Plum.

    I also have a very interesting journal article about the age of crepe weave. It is older than you might think.
    I once bought many meters of light wool crepe because it was cheap. I made C12 under tunics out of it. Great camp dresses. Consumed by doubt, I set about researching just how bad a gaff the crepe was. Turns out it is tenuously supportable. If you like I will dig the article out for you.

    • I hadn’t even thought about the dating of crepe, it was the watered silk I wasn’t sure about. I think I just automatically associate silk crepe with Victorian mourning wear. I’d be interested in the article if you still have a link.
      I need some new wool underwear for autumn shows, Nottingham gets nippy

  4. An excuse to shop for more blue silk.

    • That’s the wierd thing, I don’t even know why I have blue in the first place. I don’t wear it much, first because I look utterly ghastly in most blues, and second because it’s not really a high status medieval colour

  5. Another vote for the plum. On my computer screen it doesn’t look like it clashes very much with the brocade. It would make a wonderful background for the pearls and embroidery.

  6. Yet another vote for the plum. I know all screens are different, but on mine the blue “flattens” the colour of the brocade a bit.

    • I’ve set aside today for cutting the brocade, with plum bits. Which means I’m probably going to find lots of displacement activities ( might make a couple of shirts and finish that corset I started last week) before I work up the nerve to cut brocade

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