Gareth thinks it’s ghastly.

He keeps wandering past it making ew noises, and last night he told me was deeply offensive to his eyes.

so I must have done something right?

i started by tracing round the pieces I’d cut out for the neck


It made more sense to work out from the central stone, because I needed to get the pearls spaced correctly inbetween


Id already set rose Quartz, amber, carnelian, malachite, amethyst, garnet, mother of pearl, ruby, amazonite( not authentic but a reasonable substitute for turquoise, which is), and topaz, in silver bezels (I used thin copper for the backs because it won’t show) as well as prepping enamel panels. Eight enamels are cloisonné, which were my first attempt, and four are champleve.


The pearls cover the anchor points nicely. As you can see I’ve put the champleve panels to the back of the neck where they won’t show much, it’s because I don’t like the blue much.


As you can see I ruined a beading needle by getting a pearl stuck on the end of it – if it weren’t so fine it would make a nice wimple pin!

and I have one set stone leftover. I’d thought it would be more because I’d deliberately done more than I need.

Am now trying to decide which pearls to edge the design with. I’m tempted to use up the microscopic one millimetre ones because I’m running short on three mill. They might be a bit subtle though, I’d have to use plenty of gold with them.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 22, 2016.

11 Responses to “Gareth thinks it’s ghastly.”

  1. wow! this loks great! you are so talented! sewing, making juwels, metal work….. where do you get this huge amount of time? (and where do you get 1milimetre pearls?)


    • The pearls came from my wholesaler, I’ve had the over ten years and to be honest I’m probably not going to use them on this because they’re too small. They’re a bit useless, I think

  2. I take it Gareth doesn’t have the medieval eye, then?

  3. Gareth needs his eyes checked. Or optical nerve. Something isn’t processing correctly, either way.

  4. My God, you are a talented woman.

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