Fake plaits

I spent Monday morning at the grubby end of Sheffield, hanging around waiting for the nice plater to whack some gold on a few things for me.

things including hair wotsits ( if there’s a proper name for them I have no clue what it is) which a set the stones on, pearled up, and attached to fake braids this morning


Because the hair is quite fake looking I decided on wrapping it instead of just a straightforward plait. I think these May end up being a trail run for something better after I’ve learnt what goes wrong with these – not something I particularly relish the idea of because making tubes is a pig of a job, and making tapered tube is a whole herd of pigs.

they are quite long, like knee length long, which is how my dream princess’s fantasy hair has always looked in my imagination. However, I think in practice these things are quickly going to annoy me.

hopefully the silk brocade dress will be done tomorrow. I’ve got as far as trying it on for the first time. It’s now known as the noisy dress, because Gareth could hear it swishing two rooms away.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 24, 2016.

8 Responses to “Fake plaits”

  1. If those were shoelaces the trims would be aglets. The name comes from the fancy version used on laces and ribbons (as I’m sure you know already) which are aiguilettes. I don’t know of a name for the same sort of thing on hair plaits, but maybe the same word would do? A lot posher than an elastic band on the end, anyway!

  2. Happy for you to be a super-long-plaits guinea pig. I fancy some hugely, but like you, have my doubts as to how long I could wear them before they annoy me back to a simple wimple and veil.

    • Meh, my ridiculously large dresses annoy me, the stupid sleeve annoy me, and the circlet give me a headache. Being the singularly most ostentatious tart in reenactment isn’t easy, but somebody’s got to do it

  3. The thing is that with these and all the other bling you have, you could do some fantastic flouncing. A well-timed flounce could take out two or three people when you’re armed with so much heavy-duty bling.
    And what’s wrong with big dresses and a bit of ostentation? It just shows you’ve absorbed the period!

  4. My plaits reach below waist length, but when I have two of them they are always pinned around my head, and a single plait down the back isn’t quite as irritating… I look forward to a report from the plait front!

    • I got a plait headache, possibly partly due to the heat both days. I ended up just pinning them to my fillet with small hat pins, so three o clock Monday I just undid the pins and looped the plaits around my neck , which no one noticed

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