Shiny squeals of joy

A parcel arrived from sartor. We got rather a lot of this one because we need to disguise the trailer as a four poster bed ( john has to build the frame before I can get to work). On thier website it looked bright orange, but in reality it’s quite a subtle salmon pink


And this one is for me, and in the flesh it’s far more glorious than the web pic suggested. It’s sogdian, c7th, and I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet- it’s so rare for sartor to do an early pattern in silk rather than blasted rayon that I thought I’d just grab some whilst I could.


Maybe I could make the Byzantine empress outfit that I lusted after as a child?

~ by opusanglicanum on August 31, 2016.

9 Responses to “Shiny squeals of joy”

  1. The roundels with lions are fab!

  2. So do you then sleep in the trailer?

  3. That’s frikkin classy stuff.

  4. Love the idea of a Byzantine empress outfit!

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