getting back to my fantasy life

After all the costume I had to make over summer I’d been really looking forward to getting back to the second Luttrell fantasy. The trouble is I’ve really been dragging my heels this week, I think last night it was just because I was tired after storytelling at Guisborough forest festival (fresh air always makes me sleepy), but partly I think it’s because I left this first section halfway through, so now I feel like I have to tidy up before I can get on with a fun new bit.

But I have done the detailing on purple baby dragon at least


I did think last week that maybe instead of doing this I should get on with my opus piece for class. On reflection though, I realised I’m too tired for silk after work, especially Autumn term which is my busiest, so I decided I’m going to do it over the Christmas holiday like I did with the two lovers purse panels. That way I can do day by day progress pics, which I quite enjoy. I don’t really care if nobody else likes the day by days, you can just not read over Christmas if you don’t want to, but I like them because I can scroll down and it’s like an old fashioned flick book you used to get when you were a kid.

I’m also trying to be disciplined, and spend forty five minutes every evening doing some silversmithing because I have stuff I want to do for Nottingham. JOhn liked the collar of my new dress so much he wants a gemstone edgeing on his good cloak, so I started tonight and got one whole gem done (normally I can do more in 45 minutes, but I had to find all my tools before I could start). I also want to finally finish this bowl. I tried to put the base on it last summer, but my concentration slipped and I melted part of it, so I’ve filed out the mess and I’m going to try and repair it – wish me luck!


~ by opusanglicanum on September 12, 2016.

10 Responses to “getting back to my fantasy life”

  1. I really like the daily posts!

  2. Good luck with your bowl. It looks as though it will be lovely when fettled. I shall look forward to the daily posts too. A bit like the Christmas lectures but loads more eye candy. Love the colours on the baby dragon too.

  3. Baby purple dragon looks wonderful — quite cheeky, actually. And I’m another one that really enjoys the daily posts, and I will look forward to them.

  4. How do I get the command and control relationship John has with you? I have a wishlist as long as your arm.

    • It’s my own doing. The royal shows were my idea and 90% my work, but whenever anyone says how magnificent it looks, I just think it needs more shiny, and john being king he needs to be the shiniest

  5. Good luck with the bowl – and another vote for the daily updates over Christmas!

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