Spitting mad

Some Danish woman is using one of my opus images to advertise Sarah homfrays v and a course, as well as hand and lock. I’m bloody furious.

I’m not teaching either. I’ve reported her to Facebook mods on the group, texted her. Mailed her and left voicemail.


very very angry

~ by opusanglicanum on October 4, 2016.

13 Responses to “Spitting mad”

  1. I’d be pretty angry in your shoes. Its fortunate you caught it

  2. That’s awful!! I really hope that she gets in touch with serious apologies and removes the image. Not surprised you are furious!

    • It’s ruined my evening. I’m too pissed off to sew

      • I’m not on Facebook but I did see the website where your image has been used. It even says where it’s been taken from as well! I take it you’ve still not heard anything yet?

      • It’s such a bloody cheek. I’ve managed to get group mods to take it of Facebook but I haven’t heard from the Danish bint yet. I’m contacting both institutions concerned in the morning and threatening them with trading standards

  3. *spits and hisses with fury*

  4. Oh, no! I’ve been there too. Not nice. And I don’t buy it that it’s a compliment in diguise when somebody ‘borrows’ your work. No. I hope you’ll get it sorted out to your satisfaction.

  5. Yep! been there when a museum used an image of my work to promote a Japanese embroidery class lead by someone else. I pointed out to them that should apply their own copyright rules when using someone else’s images. Hope she responds to you soon.

  6. The un-believeable cheek of some people!! I really hope this gets sorted a.s.a.p.!!!

  7. This is really upsetting. I hope full apologies are forthcoming.

  8. Are things all sorted out now? I see the image has now been changed.

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