Female labours, march


I was hoping to have a next bit of Lutrell, but I’ve had kind of a bad week, so mrs march is filling instead. ( sorry I will reply to previous post comments later, tired tonight)

shes my gardener, an adapted image again, to correspond with mr march doing his vine pruning.

I’m not 100% pleased with her! but I’m reminding myself she’s a voice in the chorus rather than a solo act

this months cat is the late lamented miss pickle, who died shortly after I started this blog. She was an indoor cat, and normally very ladylike, but her idea of getting in touch with nature was to follow me outside in order to pee in fresh compost.

~ by opusanglicanum on October 9, 2016.

12 Responses to “Female labours, march”

  1. I love the look she is giving the cat -‘Don’t you dare use the freshly turned earth as a potty’! I sympathize. I’ve given just that look at the neighbors cats.

    • it could be worse, gareth had to cobbles round the bottom of the palm tree he keeps in the bedroom because hobbes kept using the earth as a litter tray. At least pickle waited until she was outside

  2. ….. and the cat is saying “Who, me? As if I would” Sorry you had a bad week. Fingers crossed this coming week will be much better.

  3. The two comments above sum up that March image perfectly. Hope October improves for you soon, Tanya. By way of good news: both recipients of the two Lutrell tote bags I took to Australia with me were delighted with them.

  4. Love the exchange imagined by the commenters above – and I’m sure Mrs March will contribute beautifully to the whole thing.

  5. And she is probably swearing in Middle English!

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