Christmas dragon stitchalong?

OK, So I didn’t do a stitchalong this year because I’ve been having supply problems with embroidery wool and so wouldn’t have been able to cope with too many kits. Hopefully I’m close to resolving this and will be able to do a big dye batch in the new year.

This is a project I want to do for me. It’s sort of medeivalish, and will be done in laid and couched work, but possibly with some metallic thread and few sparkly bits (I haven’t properly decided yet) and it would be to my original design, and probably cushion sized.


Obviously this is just a fairly messy preliminary sketch which needs considerable tidying up. He’s a big sleepy smaug-like dragon, wearing a santa hat, and snoozing on a big pile of presents and toys.

I think he’d make a fab stitch-along because he’d work wonderfully in both bright and subtle colours, and there would be a good mix of basic and advanced work, plus lots of room for individual variations by the addition of whatever shiny tat each individual stitcher fancied adding.

Anyone fancy it? I’d do the kits june, to start July and finish in time for Christmas so you could have him for your own celebrations or give him as a gift.

I also fancy doing an embroidered bauble with four small silk embroidered panels – santa dragon, Christmas kitty, celtic Christmas tree, and zombie snowman (which you could chop and change, so if you wanted to miss one panel and do two of another that would work just as well). I could also do kits and possibly simultaneous stich-along for this, because I’m probably going to do it anyway.


~ by opusanglicanum on October 20, 2016.

30 Responses to “Christmas dragon stitchalong?”

  1. I think he looks gorgeous and I’d love to stitch him!

  2. Love the design. Yes please, sign me up too – for both the dragon and the bauble.

  3. Yes! Very interested in the dragon! — Cindy

  4. They certainly sound like fun! I’m not sure I would join in – it would depend on what else I was doing – but I would love watching what happened!

  5. I am tempted to take part (dragon + baubles). But the kits should be sent via registered mail, I suppose – regarding the bad experience with postal services…

  6. Yes!
    Just the kick in the derriere I need to finish my cushion which stalled while I learned to handle fleece and spin with a spindle.
    June is perfect, a Happy Birthday gift from me to Me!

  7. That would be fun to watch grow, although I’d also probably not take part myself. He is a very cute dragon.

  8. Ooooh nice. The dragon is wonderful. Now to name him …

    He would go nicely with the Stocking I did a few years ago of a dragon dozing in front of a Christmas tree and fireplace. The designer even did the stockings hanging from the mantle with ‘fingers’ for the dragon’s talons.

  9. I love the dragon!

    But talking of stitchalongs reminds me that I still have only one half of the pouch stitchalong from two years ago done and also have all the materials for last year’s stitchalong lying around here, ready to be stiched but untouched. *ooops*
    So I don’t know if it’s wise to sign up for a stitchalong.

  10. Looks terrific!

  11. YES!! A Christmas Dragon! Since I was born in the sign of the Water Dragon, I would definitely like to do this! Would you ship to Canada?

  12. This sounds wonderful! Would you be willing to ship to the states?

  13. One more enthusiastic “yes, please” to the pile!

  14. Jumping in at the deep end for this but it looks like fun. Depending on the cost count me in.

  15. Oh, I adore the dragon on the presents. Count me in! I’ll practice the techniques you mentioned in the meantime. Still a beginner over here. (I’ve never done a stitch-along before, should be fun!)

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