Bunny dragon.


He’s naga’s tongue. He might be my only post this week because I’m spending my week making hangings for a four poster bed, which isn’t terribly interesting until I can take a photo of them in situ, because until then it’s just squares of expensive silk brocade.

oh, and I might make a cloak, and a chandelier, and I managed to fix the silver bowl whose foot I melted last year – except now I have to polish it and I hate polishing.

got to get ready for Nottingham though, so not much embroidery this week, except for allowing myself a mere hour a day whilst I catch up with the last few weeks of poldark.

~ by opusanglicanum on October 24, 2016.

8 Responses to “Bunny dragon.”

  1. I love your work so much. That is all.

  2. A bunny you wouldn’t want to argue with!

    • I don’t argue with bunnies. When I was a child my grandas brother lived two doors down, so I was expected to play with my cousin Joanne for no other reason than we were the same age – the trouble being we hated each other unconditionally. She bored me because she was mind bogglingly stupid, and she couldn’t stand me because she thought I was an annoying Smartarse ( which was a fair point to be honest). Revenge came when I wanted a cat, but knowing my nana to be a hysterical ailurophobe, I badgered for about a year for a dog instead ( being practical), so my grandparents got me…two rabbits.

      I was utterly nonplussed. I never bonded with the rabbits. Not until one of them bit Joanne’s finger right through to the bone, anyway. She stopped coming over after that, it was great

  3. You’re making huge curtains, and a chandelier? That is some multitasking!

  4. This bunnydragon is so fantastic!
    Thank you for showing your extraordinairy stiching-art.

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