So, I got the curtains done but not the chandaliers (I caught a cold and didn’t feel up to it). And I think the bed look fab..


That’s my tree-rat line cloak in the foreground – I didn’t have time to dye the outer wool layer as I’d intended, but that diamond twill green was destined to be a cloak as well, so I’ve paired that with the fur until I have time to get dyeing. I was desperate to have my cloak because I’d been so cold at nottingham last year, so of course since I made the effort to have a super warm one this year we had practically tropical weather for the time of year and I didn’t need it!

One thing I forgot to make was the little cushions for the steps up to the bed, but it turns out this might have been a good thing. The cushion I used ended up sliding off all the time, so after this trial run I’ve decided to make a fitted fabric cover with built in cushions instead.


It was hard to get a decent interior shot because it was lovely and dark and cosy in there (this would be pretty much my ideal bed, since I can’t sleep with even a shred of light). The curtain linings don’t all match but they tone, I used the two old throne awning to make them – a red dupion, and a blue/red fleur de lys brocade, as well as some deep strawberry coloured dupion from stash, which meant I managed to bring the bed in for only 45 quid more than the cost of the silk brocade, which we’d spent pretty much all of the group money on.


I also replaced the cover on the long bolster cushion from the old bed with this gorgeous wool/silk brocade I mysteriously found in my stash.


John spent the weekend looking down on everyone…

( I find it amusing that he’s looking suspiciously like santa claus these days, because when I first pitched the idea of doing this royal court my wording was “like santa’s grotto, but with a king”)


With two of the lads from Bifrost guard, who did sentry all weekend. The one on the right is James, who managed to pass his cv on the google 3d camera guy, but I can’t quite see who that is on the left under that helmet. Oh, yes, there was a man from google with a very odd camera, I didn’t realise I was in shot but apparently I was, I will probably appear as a shiny red misshaped lump because I was hunched over in a corner, sewing away too obliviously to sit up straight. I have no idea what google man looked like because I didn’t have my specs on, but he had a lovely voice, I could have listened to him read the phone book…


I forgot to get a pic of the throne at Evesham. I’ve been wanting to paint it for years, and then when I finally got round to it over summer I made a right hash of it and lost my temper because I can’t paint a straight line to save my life, so gareth did it instead. It looks much better now.


There was much posing. The two scruffy urchins are lucas and his sister Freya, who ate handed out chocolate coins all weekend.


The Gong farmer came to get the seal of royal approval.


Silver pretties. We still need at least three times as much silver before I’ll be even vaguely happy, but at least I remembered to pack the enamelled casket this time – I forgot to take it to Evesham because I can’t fit it in the strongbox. There was one extra tiny silver cup this time, and  half finished silver bowl that still need engraving and a lid (I’ll do a proper bowl post at some point) However, I have noticed that no one ever disagrees with me when I tell them I have the prettiest tent in re-enactment…



~ by opusanglicanum on November 1, 2016.

7 Responses to “Nottingham”

  1. For painting straight lines without needing to resort to tanties, have you thought of masking tape. You can even get special painter’s masking take which is low-tack, meaning it doesn’t leave masses of gloop all over the place.

    It all looks pretty fabulous, lucky you.

  2. It looks stunning – I don’t think anyone would disagree that you have the finest tent in re-enactment!

  3. […] I can’t wear my new eagle silk dress, because it matches the king’s […]

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