The late unicorn

I finally finished him this morning. There was so little left to do, just a bit of stem stitch on the border, that it didn’t seem worth leaving him until the next show.


I did a lot of procrastinating over the border. Originally it was going to be circles like the Noah’s ark hanging, but I changed my mind and did simple triangles instead. Then I couldn’t decide what colour to outline the triangles with and decided to alternate between red up one side and white up the other – and I’m still not sure if it was a good idea or not.

I also considered doing some twiddly bits on top of the triangles, but didn’t because I decided that putting too much detail around the edge would detract from the simple graphic quality of the central image. I know more is normally more in medieval art, but I want this to be a companion to Noah’s ark, which has the simple naive style of earlier medieval art.


I also spent considerable umming and aahing over how to fit in his watch( he is the unicorn who became extinct because he missed the ark, so he needed an inaccurate timepiece of some description). In the end I decided unicorns are too stylish for wristwatches and gave him a pocket watch instead. It’s not my fault he bought it from that dodgy leprechaun down the pub instead of getting a proper Swiss one from the jeweller- but let this be a lesson to you all that cutting corners on quality can lead to the demise of an entire species!

I was thinking maybe I’d wash him before I make him into a cushion, but to be honest he doesn’t look dirty so I might not bother, it’s not like he needs wet- blocking into shape or anything.

now he’s finished I need a new project to work on at shows, and over the weekend I noticed that although the two big chests have embroidered cushions, the strong box does not. Therefore I need something large and rectangular.

I was thinking that an adaptation of this tile panel depicting Richard and Saladin jousting might be appropriate for the royal tent?


I love how the border is made up of tiny little cartoon crowns!

~ by opusanglicanum on November 5, 2016.

9 Responses to “The late unicorn”

  1. I love his pocket watch – even if it didn’t get him to the ark on time!

  2. Just love the jousting, especially because it’s medieval tiles. I think it would look amazing as a hanging.

    • It will be a cushion about eighteen inch by thirty six. The cushions in the tent don’t get as much attention as the hangings, but they add to the sumptuous feel of the royal tent. ( that and flowers, I think I would have a bit of a paddy if I wasn’t allowed my flowers in the royal tent)

  3. What a fine fellow your unicorn is, so dainty and clean-looking. (I bought a cheap and cheerful watch today, from clothes shop, so I hope I don’t end up late as a result.)
    The jousting design is perfect for your royal tent.

  4. Your unicorn looks great, and I agree – a wristwatch would have been inappropriate.

    I like the red/white alternating outline of the triangles, it adds a subtle 3d feeling to the border.

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