Boaring dragon

The boaring dragon is not amused that the dragon bunny keeps bopping him on the nose…


He thinks it’s all very silly and tedious, and he just doesn’t get the joke. In fact, boaring dragon thinks that bunny dragon may well have been on the pixie dust- it would certainly explain the constant sound of inane giggling that comes from the bunny dragon’s burrow. ( editors note – don’t worry, the neighbourhood isn’t going to pot and becoming a drug den. The giggling is actually just a routine dragon bunny sex romp- bunny stereotypes running true and all that)


I am very very pleased with him though. I was nervous at first about going for pinks and purples instead of the madder oranges of the manuscript, but I’m loving the results.


And I just couldn’t be more pleased with his little face, the expression is perfect.

I told Gareth yesterday about how happy I was with his face, and he told me he’d read an article by Gary Larson, of far side fame, about how Larson had once drawn the perfect expression on a cartoon dog but had never been able to reproduce it. I understood at once, I think it’s why I prefer to do my cartoon directly onto the canvas, because I’d get upset if I drew something just right in a preparatory sketch and then couldn’t transfer it.

I am also quite relieved about the fin thing on his head, because when it was just blocked in it looked a lot like magneto’s helmet from the x men – it’s much better now th e details are done!

I’m thinking he might make good kit

~ by opusanglicanum on November 7, 2016.

16 Responses to “Boaring dragon”

  1. He is wonderful! But that’s not a bopping bunny, that’s just his Nose Hare.

  2. He’s gorgeous.

  3. Poor fellow – he’s suffering from the medieval version of “Never start playing ‘peep-bo’ with a 2 year old at the start of an eight hour flight”..

  4. Just eat the bunny dragon. Problem solved.

  5. Well, speaking as someone who was hatched under the sign of the Water Dragon, I like both of these. They’d make a dragonly fine kit & I just have to have one!!! Dragon blessings.

  6. Delightful expressions and fantastic colour use!

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