christmas shopping, anyone?

I need some space, so I’m selling off some of my stuff that I love, but which I just don’t have time to market efficiently.

Therefore I’m giving everyone here the chance to grab an original piece by me at a very reasonable price, or a kit for bargain price. The original pieces below are for sale, all cushions and lavender bags are 100% wool melton, handsewn, or if you prefer kits are available for most things.


The crown cushion is fifteen pounds, all others are twenty nine pounds – tudor rose, knight, and dragon


Flying pig, heffalump, cupcakes and flag, all twenty nine pounds.


These three are chocolate brown, but they refuse to photograph as anything other than black. Celtic bull and two spotty cats, all twenty nine pounds.


Lavander bags – kitty, ducky, Lancashire rose on white, Yorkshire rose, bizzy bee, heart, celtic pup, fleur de lys, pony/unicorn (That ones double sided) flutterby, snowman, crown, Lancashire rose on blue, batty bat, and bunny bum. All are about six inches across, five pounds each.


Christmas stockings, twelve pounds each (they have stars on the back) and a stray cupcake lavender bag.

If anyone would like kits for any of the above, they’re reduced from thirty pounds to ten for cushions, from eight pounds to three for the little lavender bags, and stocking kits are reduced from fifteen pounds to six (If I still have them, I’m not planning on making extra, they are nicely packaged in gift bags though, and make nice gifts. They’re suitable for quite novice stitchers, including more able children)

I also have some spacious handbags made from vintage braids for ten pounds each


postage will be three pounds in the uk or five pounds elsewhere . I’ll ship uk cushions complete with pads, but they’re prohibitively expensive to ship abroad, so those will be sent empty (they’re just standard sized small cushion pads). If you order three things I’ll send you a present.

If you want anything, either comment or email me and I’ll send you a paypal invoice.

(I also have printed cotton Luttrell fantasy totes, or zodiac teatowels for eight pounds, and greetings cards)


~ by opusanglicanum on November 16, 2016.

2 Responses to “christmas shopping, anyone?”

  1. I’d love the dragon and spotty cat kits, and the bizzy bee lavender bag. I’m in the US though; are you willing to ship that far?

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