I always do Gareth his new Christmas shirts in time for the beginning of December so he can wear them. I gave him these on Sunday, but I’ve been holding off writing this post until the first of the month because it just seemed rude to post Christmas stuff before December – I have been driving around for weeks merrily gnashing my teeth at all the idiots who have their trees up in November!

And is it just me or are there more ridiculously early Christmas trees every year? I love Christmas but I personally think anyone who puts their tree up in November should be rounded up and shot for the good of humanity.

He got four Christmas shirts this year, because there was fabric.

First is the Christmas frankenstien shirt, made from the warmed up remnants of Christmas shirts past…


I don’t think he’s actually noticed yet that amongst the mismatched buttons (also remnants of Christmas shirts past – waste not want not and all that) I sneaked in a happy little elf button


He’ll hate that when he finally notices it *smirk*

This one is because I’ve always been a huge fan of all things black and Christmassy, plus one of the fabrics is called northern lights so it’s named after one of my favourite books (I mean, I adore harry potter, but jk rowling just doesn’t have the depth or sheer writing skill of Pullman).

He thinks this one is so subtle and understated that it must have hurt me to make it (living with me must have warped his senses if he thinks this is understated) he says he’s wearing this one to go for Christmas drinks with Dr Dirt. Christmas drinks with Dr Dirt always seem to result in a  bad case of the beer flu the next day.


It was going to have little penguin buttons, but in the end it just had to be snowflakes


This next selection didn’t come from John Lewis, but it made me think of a John Lewis Christmas ad for some reason, I think it’s the happy little skaters and chichi houses. Plus, Gareth hasn’t stopped going on about the new Leeds John Lewis for nearly the last two years, so it seemed apt


It has present buttons to go with the present fabric. My only bugbear with this one is that the skate trails look like loose threads all over the place, which has been driving me potty as I worked in it.


And with the last one I just really liked the turquoise blue-greens.


And I was a very bad girl today and bought fabric for two more (non-Christmassy) shirts, plus half a metre of mistletoe print because it was cute. I’d gone to the shop to look for Christmas fabrics for Caz and Martin, but they didn’t have anything I liked, hence the bad, because it seemed just plain rude to go to a fabric shop and not buy anything.

~ by opusanglicanum on November 30, 2016.

10 Responses to “shirts”

  1. Gareth is spoilt for choice – all of them are grand shirts, but I think the black one is my favourite, closely followed by ‘John Lewis’.
    Sad today, because I’ve reached the last page of the Labours of the Months calendar, which I have really enjoyed having hanging by my desk. Although I do now have a wonderful grinning skelly to enjoy for this final month. (On a more positive note, I got to open the first door on my chocolate calendar, so it’s not all bad!)

    • we never got round to doing a calendar this year, but maybe next year!

      I have a playmobil advent, its a farmyard Christmas so I got a cow

      • Mine came from Tiger (cost all of 50p on Friday evening!) and I got a sheep.

      • I love tiger, I wish there was one near me. I don’t do chocolate advents because my tastes in chocolate are somewhat expensive, plus I’ve had a Playmobil advent every year since I grew up. I have the farm this year, so I see your sheep and raise you a moo- cow

  2. Gareth must be known and recognised all over town by the splendour of his shirts!

  3. Love the shirts – especially the Norther Lights one. Glad it’s not just me. I’ve been convinced that there are loads more fully decked out houses in November this year and was starting to wonder if I’d dreamed it. Glad to know that if I am going insane that I have company.

    • def not just you. primary schools don’t normally put them up until the first, but some of the ones I’ve been to have had trees up for weeks already, its JUst getting silly.

      I saw a particularly hideous one on Monday with a garden full of inflatable Christmas tat

      • As most schools are breaking up on the 16th they’ve had to get Christmassy early, but I shouldn’t have to see lights and trees everywhere else over a month before the Day!!

      • The private school im in on Tuesday is breaking up on the 9th, but they haven’t had a tree up in November!

        See, I love Christmas, and I love my deccies, but I’d be sick of them if I had them up for too long

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