I had to finish this because Jude wants me to do an Anglo Saxon embroidery course for the ashmolean next year and she has a deadline for advertising, but I sort of want to start this again.


The colour of his tunic is wrong, mainly because I agonised for so long over not having the right shade of green that I finally had an attack of the soddits and did his tunic in blue instead. Plus I think he also need to be slightly smaller or I needed to use a slightly thicker gold thread for the body. Also the twiddly gold bits need to fill the background more.

I did want to do more goldwork around the border, but I think that’s best left until I can do Alfie mark two.

however, for now at least I have a picture to send Jude – a can get another version done later, there’s too much going on right now to fret overly about Alfie. Partly I’m just stressed because I have so much stuff I can only do whilst I’m at Gareth’s but I’m working from my place so I’m a bit frustrated. Mostly I’m just stressed because I want to be in leeds to stop Gareth falling apart, he found out a few days ago that poor Hobbes as lymphoma. So Gareth is stressing about keeping his cat eating enough to stay alive until he gets his chemo referral, and I’m stressing about Gareth. It’s kind of wierd because I’m having to be the sensible one…

~ by opusanglicanum on December 4, 2016.

6 Responses to “Alfie.”

  1. Sad to hear about Hobbes, fingers crossed that the chemo comes through extra fast and is very effective. Poor Gareth too, what a worry. BTW I think Alfie is Great… sorry I’ll put my head in bucket right now.

  2. Alfie looks fine to me, a slightly thicker gold might look bolder and more like the original jewel, but he’s got lots of character.

    Sorry to hear about poor Hobbes. I hope you can escape to Leeds soon, to keep him and Gareth company.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Hobbes. You must be feeling split in two with worry, both about him and Gareth.
    As for Alfie, I seem what you mean, but surely Alfie Mark 2 can wait until January!

    • I’ll need to order thicker gold before I do Alfie again, I think.

      we heard today that the tumour might not be as big as the vet thought, he thinks some of it is just infection, so hes going for a biopsy soon. Gareth says hobbes can have all the drugs, he doesn’t mind spending petplan’s money

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