Christmassy bits

Been making shirts, some of which I forgot to photograph, but,


Three different veggie shirts. The buttons are meant to be carrots and tomatoes, but the tomatoes look more like apples to me.


Three robot shirts were also made, because I needed to do something with those adorable little pewter robots.


Classic horror movies for john, with little white ghostlike buttons.


Grass and coffee for Gareth. Neither of which have interesting buttons, although I did search high and low for coffee bean buttons.


This one is for my stepdad, peter. Gareth says it hurts his eyes, but how cute are the little kitties in Santa hats?


A muted Christmas shirt and some dirty old postcards for my dad.


Im pondering how on earth I wrap this pile of mismatched dining chair cushions for my stepmum, Janet. They’re just in the process of finishing thier new bungalow, which is mostly made from recycled stuff, so she wanted cushions made from leftovers – there’s stuff from one of dad’s shirts in there.


And a pile of totes and shoppers for stocking fillers.


theres also a coat for my mum, but I’ll post that later.

~ by opusanglicanum on December 24, 2016.

6 Responses to “Christmassy bits”

  1. Goodness it will be loud round your table this Christmas. I don’t think I could make one shirt let alone how ever many you have made

  2. Happy Christmas, Tanya! I’m sure your work on all those fine shirts will be well appreciated.

  3. What a wonderful riot of colours!

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