Coats and stuff

Delivering the last presents shortly. I made my mum a coat in the style of My kitty coat. I offered her a choice of tasteful, subtle colours, but she chose this…


The lining is goat fabric, the other choice was cows, but I was worried she might misconstrue?

The sheep I showed you a few weeks ago, but here are the rest


My favourite is the pony.

theres also a walking dead shirt with gold skull buttons to be delivered tonight


All of shirt making has left gaps in my button boxes, I feel I am entitled to a shopping trip lest the lack of available materials should stifle my creative juices


And a little bit more obelix


Now I’m going to go do two things-

1) beat wordpress with a stick because it’s being extra annoying today

2) find some vodka and a cotton bud and clean the lens on my phone camera, I must have got it greasy because everything looks a bit soft focus


have a good new year!



~ by opusanglicanum on December 31, 2016.

6 Responses to “Coats and stuff”

  1. Best of New Years to you (when it comes). Defo get those buttons — can’t have stifled creative juices in 2017.

  2. What a lovely coat – and yes, the pony is particularly perky!

  3. Lovely…Why be subtle? As a wearer of bright colours, I think subtlety is greatly overrated. It’s far more interesting for everyone else, too. Just think the entertainment value for the masses of seeing a coat like that pass before them!
    And with regard to the buttons… it’s not lack of materials that gets in the way of creativity… it’s earning a living. So, when you buy buttons/fabric/threads you are not only enabling your own creativity, you are enabling the vendor’s too. In other words, you’d be doing the wrong thing by not buying!

    • Yes, normally I’d agree with you on the colours thing – the average person seems to wear nothing but grey and black – but on the other hand it generally wise to don shades before looking in my mothers direction…

      Ah, you’re saying I need to do my bit for the economy?

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