Obelix update

I cleaned the lens on my camera, which seems to have improved things no end.


Ive been rubbish at updating him, mostly because as you can see, I haven’t made much progress. I have prepared a list of excuses

– we’ve been quite busy keeping Hobbes alive.

– I had a strong urge to do mindless machine sewing, so I’ve already started on next years Christmas shirts.

– I spent a very entertaining day converting a bright orange wonder bra I bought for two quid in Boyes into a green satin and black lace burlesque bra. I’m quite pleased with the results but am not putting them in the internet.

– normally I spend days watching rubbish on telly at Christmas and sewing. But the rubbish on tv just hasn’t been up to scratch this year. Also, we got a new tv and I still don’t know how to work it.

yep, it’s all the bbcs fault.

I have work all week, but am determined to dig out some DVDs and finish asterix next weekend, because the v and a exhibition gave me several ideas I want to play with.

i actually quite fancy getting some coloured metallic from Benton and Johnson for the underside couching on the background of this. It’s not strictly medieval, so I don’t have to be as authentic as usual, but I can’t decide upon a colour? The obvious choice would be blue, but I’m worried obelix might blend in too much, after all, those stripes are very slimming…



~ by opusanglicanum on January 8, 2017.

22 Responses to “Obelix update”

  1. I do love Obelix.
    I’m off the the V&A exhibition on Friday .. so two questions: what is particularly worth blocking the view for everyone else; is it worth getting the catalogue?

    • he’s been an interesting exercise, because sometimes it’s been hard to decide when to stray from the visual style of the cartoon to make him more medieval

      There was just mostly good stuff. I got fascinated with textures, mainly wings and ground – I have a list of things I want to play with. Therre were also some very interesting examples of countertextural underside applique, bith as background and drapery.

      Definitely get the book, but maybe order it from amazon, it’s very heavy to carry around

  2. How is Mr. Hobbes doing?

    • we aren’t really sure if the chemo is working, but he seems content at the moment – I’ve promised to tell gareth as soon as I think Hobbes has had enough.

      The whole thing has made me realise that gareth would make a splendid mummy though, he’s been leaping out of bed at 3am to wipe hobbes bum when he get diahorrea, and patiently syringe feeding him every hour, and washing the bedshhets twice a day when hobbes went through his puking phase (during the 3 am smelly poos I hide beneath the duvet and wait for gareth to get back so I can stick my nose in his armpits, which suddenly become much more fragrant than the rest of the room)

  3. I love reading your blog (:
    How about yellow for the background?

  4. Obelix is his splendid self, you’ve caught him perfectly. I understand about wanting mindless tasks when worried. I hope you can keep Hobbes warm and comfortable – I’m sure he knows he’s loved.

  5. Oh, and the coloured metallic sounds great fun. Stripes??

  6. Maybe a green background? I think Obelix is looking splendid!

  7. I vote for a mad colour. Asterix @co are mad Celts after all. They would not approve of a subtle background.

  8. I am fascinated by your work, it so good. Do you take request?

    • Requests?

      • I mean you make does, so if someone said make this or that, would you. Should said commission

      • Yes. I have a few finished pieces for sale, ranging between £95 and £950, depending on size and technique. They’re not listed on the shop page at the moment but I can send pics, or if you had something in mind I could generate a quote

      • I like the idea of a Tintin one, but must say even as tempting as the idea is, I now hit snag with money. Hopefully some cash does come my way I could purchase some from you

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