Between running around trying to keep Gareth relatively sane ( comfort foods seem to help, he’s had slow roast belly pork, bake well tart, moo shu, general tso, salmon and mint quiche, and tonight beef casserole with dumplings) and trying to get my tax stuff sorted for the 31st, sewing has been a low priority this week.

luckily I had a labours of the months in reserve for just such an occasion.

April is midwifery and medicine to tie with the herb gathering shown for this month in the men’s labours.

The bed cover was an experiment. Striped decoration is often shown in manuscripts, but I was in two minds how to translate it into split stitch. In the end I blocked the drapery and then just sewed the stripes over the top with no regard to the drapery, which I think gives the most medieval solution. Plus I really like the green on top of the dark blue.

Aprils kitty is ms Persephone mowse, one of the most insane ( I suspect mildly autistic) cats I’ve ever had. She is miss April simply because she was white and needed a background. She was quite good with poorly folks though, because she loved it when you sat still.

This white tweed is teaching me that I’m very much correct when I tell people on natural dye forums that rose hip isn’t a dye. I drink rose hip tea, and have a tendency to spill it on my embroidery- not only does it make a rather miserable colour, but it washes out the minute the tweed hits cold water. So my assertion to many a hedgerow dyer that rose hip is a stain rather than a dye is very much confirmed.

thankyou everyone for your kind thoughts on Hobbes, but I’m not going to reply to comments on that post ( to be honest I couldn’t work out how to turn off comments on an individual post). Branston is being even clinger than usual without his little mate to play with, whilst at the same time completely failing to comfort spare monkey (Gareth), so it’s probably just as well that Gareth has spent the entire weekend looking at kitten porn on the internet, and already has plans to get another Bengal.


~ by opusanglicanum on January 15, 2017.

8 Responses to “April”

  1. I like the stripes. Very sensible of Gareth to start looking for a new cat.
    I was at the V&A on Friday, and was totally overwhelmed by the Bologna cope. The most wonderful thing! There was one of the faces – St John the Apostle – which I thought was so beautiful. I loved the birds and want to add birds to my effort which looks terrible to me now. HOWEVER, I comfort myself with the fact that those embroiderers had seven year apprenticeships. I’ve got another six years before I can expect to be of an acceptable standard!
    Yes.. I suddenly realised today that I need to get my tax return sorted. I completely forgot!

  2. I think the stripes do work well. Good luck with keeping Branston and Gareth sane….

  3. *gorgeous* drapery work! Not easy to get right

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