Ever since Hobbes died, Gareth has been on the internet researching kittens, trying to find a decent Bengal breeder who doesn’t keep kittens in cages. One breeder he liked sent pictures of a litter who all looked too much like Hobbes ( he doesn’t want a replacement cat, he wants a worthy successor). So yesterday we drove to Stockport to meet a Bengal kitten whose breeder has nicknamed him Joey tribbiani because he’s a greedy chunky little fatboy.


Hes only eight weeks old, and wasn’t meant to be interviewing potential monkeys yet, but the breeder said she gets so many people wanting kittens who only want the most expensive Bengal, or the Bengal with the right spots, that she was happy to let Joey see someone who was interested in purrsonality over looks.

as you can see, Joey has chosen Gareth and we left a deposit. We go back and pick him up in about a month. He’s a lovely friendly, well socialised little chap who’s grown up in a proper home. His sisters laid the sugar on pretty thick as well, so it’s just as well I went with Gareth or he would have left three deposits.

joey will be renamed trouble as soon as he gets home.

this is the picture Gareth chose to reassure his breeder we can offer a good home…


Branston, btw, is very concerned that we haven’t thought this through. He says it will be left up to him to teach the little snot good manners, and kittens only learn good manners by having them thoroughly pounded into them ( spare the paw and spoil the kitten) and that kitten looks like he’s got a very thick head that will need a whole lot of pounding.

if the little one grows up to be half the cat his dad is he will be gorgeous. Bagheera is not only the biggest Bengal I’ve ever met, he was also one of the biggest dollops. He’s due to retire from stud this year, and the owner plans to keep him as a pet because he’s such a sweetie, but her son is planning to leave home soon, and having seen bagheera with the boy I think that cat has definitely chosen his monkey.



~ by opusanglicanum on January 22, 2017.

14 Responses to “Kitten”

  1. Excellent! Fill the cat-shaped hole and respect the Hobbes-shaped hole. I wonder who will prevail.. Branston or Trouble(?)?

  2. So sorry to learn about Hobbes. Happy for you all that you found a kitty to suit — a simple laying on of paws. (We had similar picky folk looking at our home-raised Siamese; they generally went off disappointed…)

    • Gareth originally wanted a Bengal from the lady we got branston from, because all her kittens were so lovely, but she’s only breeding Maine coons now ( and savannah/ Maine coon crosses, which sound too scary for words) so Gareth put a lot of work into looking at small home breeders. I don’t think I could let kittens go…

  3. I do have some sympathy for Branston – but not much, I’m sure you’ll be happy for Trouble to stir him up occasionally!

  4. He looks alert, intelligent and relaxed. And beautiful too. What more could you ask for?

  5. That’s the only way to go – let the cat choose…..Joey is going to have the most wonderful monkeys 🙂 xxx

  6. I keep pet rats and I’ve been adopted by a few at adoption parties. Last time I went in looking for a neutered boy, and left with an aptly named Duchess. I think the adoption councilor (who hasn’t steered me wrong yet) knew we’d be a good match. She kept urging me to pick up Duchess, but I was hesitant with how jumpy and nervousness she was in the carrier.

  7. (No idea why it posted before I finished) eventually I picked her up and she just melted in my arms, and started making happy noises. I held her for the rest of the party (about an hour) and shared some snacks with her. So I finally gave in and brought her home. She made it quite clear that I was her human and the rest of the family was barely qualified to bring her treat, and we’re not allowed to mess up her fur.

    • Branston feels the same about Gareth. He goes mad for his four o’clock poo stick treat, but if I’m away and Gareth doles it out he just sits and looks at it as though he suspects it’s poisoned

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