This is getting silly

January has been a dull and stressful month.

which has lead to much mindless machine sewing

which has lead to a considerable reduction of the printed cotton fabric pile

which has resulted in a considerable accumulation of shirts


I think I need to spend a weekend snipping threads and sewing on buttons. But at least I’m ahead of the game with next Christmases presents.

Gareth, on the other hand, is in a state of barely containable excitement at the prospect of a new kitten, so he decided to make a new cat tree. Using, as you can see, an actual tree…


I voiced my concern that it might be a bit on the small side, to which he replied that he’s not quite finished yet…



~ by opusanglicanum on January 25, 2017.

13 Responses to “This is getting silly”

  1. You need to find a woodpecker for it. That would also entertain HRH The Kitten

  2. I agree a woodpecker would be nice. We have five types living here. Any idea of what size you want? Congrats on all the shirts and the kitten. My cat who only has an unused chicken shed to reign from, is very jealous.

    • we have magpies that nest in the big tree opposite the window, the kitten can help branston shout at them, also squirrels in abundance. Branston says the squirrels are evil and must die

  3. A wood pecker suspended on a spring?

  4. Ok, here you go.

  5. That kitten is going to get lost in its tree!

  6. I can’t help asking… how many shirts does Gareth now have? Is he building an extra wardrobe yet?
    As for the cat tree. Very impressive. Will the poor kitten need a map to find his way around? Or just a cardboard box to feel safe in?

    • he has many shirts, and keeps muttering about building a new wardrobe for them, but I counted and I think its only thirty or so, which doesn’t strike me as excessive.

      I think the kitten might need a cat-nav?

  7. Or use his compaws?

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