leaping dragonwife


I went with a dark purple wing with green highlights in the end. Despite me having brightened her colours up she’s still a rather dowdy little thing – I did consider giving her shiny claws but she didn’t strike me as the type to spend her time at the nail bar. (perhaps its the headscarf). Personally I think dragons are something like peacocks – the males are all full of show and the females just get on with stuff without the shouting.


~ by opusanglicanum on January 30, 2017.

6 Responses to “leaping dragonwife”

  1. Yes, she’s got that martyred look of someone who has spent too many years cleaning the front step for people with muddy boots and a sense of entitlement.

  2. Not just peacocks, I find…

  3. Absolutely. Not a nail bar sort of lady. That said, I’m sure she’s fun in her own way!

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