He keeps following me…


…and he says the rudest things behind my back!

This was one of those little bits that ends up taking longer than you think it will. I did want to use my chocolate brown thread for the creatures body, but I couldn’t find it – obviously I will lay my hands on it any minute now. His dark blue outlines do show up better in reality than they do in the picture.

The Greek key was hard though. I think Greek key is one of those patterns that, like Celtic knotwork, looks deceptively simple because it is both primitive and ancient, but also speaks to some primitive and ancient part of the human brain. We see it so often that it becomes commonplace so we think of it as easy, but actually drawing it freehand without the use of a grid was pretty tricky – I think it looks ok though?

~ by opusanglicanum on February 7, 2017.

2 Responses to “He keeps following me…”

  1. I think your Greek Key looks pretty good. I’ve tried to produce that sort of pattern and got myself in a terrible tangle, so I think you may be right about it being deceptively simple!

    • I think these simple things are often more complex than they look. In this case I used my couching stitches to keep a grid in my minds eye, and because I did the white first and made it two rows thick, I palced the second row to line things up better

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