Birthday shirts

A certain little boy is forty eight years old today, and is very excited because I’m taking him to see the lego batman movie later on.

obviously we had birthday cake for breakfast, along with the usual argument about whether or not cherries in kirsch count as one of your five a day. Speaking of which,


One oddly eighties looking fruity shirt, with strawberry buttons.

that was a bit loud, so there’s also a plainish one with houses and cute little metal tree buttons.


Ive been referring to this one as summer blue. Gareth is obviously suffering from some form of chemise based Stockholm syndrome because he thinks this one is subtle and understated,


I had thought the summer blue one would need wooden buttons, but in the end the wooden ones looked awful on it and these just work. I think maybe they work because they sort of look like Pictish rune stones embedded in an ancient landscape.

and finally a minions shirt with banana buttons, because the next film he’s excited about seeing is despicable me 3.




~ by opusanglicanum on February 11, 2017.

12 Responses to “Birthday shirts”

  1. These are ABSOLUTELY CLASS!! I can think of several family members who would murder their siblings for each one of these shirts.
    And yes, the buttons do make them too- but then I love buttons!
    I was at the Knitting and Stitching Show one time and I saw a button display and without thinking I walked over and scrunched both hands into the box just to feel them. I turned around and the owner was having a heart attack or dying laughing I couldn’t figure so I apologised and ran!!!

    • The only time I went to the knit and stitch one of smallholders gave me gift because she loved my mad patchwork skirt made from all the shirt leftovers.

      Buttons and beads are irresistible though

      • Anything in haberdashery is irresistible! They tend to be small and cheap, so great if you are up for a bit of retail therapy. At some point, presumably, Gareth will have a themed shirt for every day of the year and will never have to buy another one. You’ll have to think of a different present for him then.
        On another note… when is the kitten arriving?

      • Kitten comes on Saturday fourth, or at least I have to chauffeur Gareth to Stockport to pick him up. He’s almost two kilos at ten weeks!

  2. My goodness, what a selection. The metal buttons work very well with the quieter green and blue shirts, as you say. And the brighter shirts must ensure you can spot him in a crowd!

  3. Happy Birthday to this certain little boy, even though I’m probably a day late.

    Despicable me 3 could be a film for the whole family in my house, as we all love minions. That’s why I won’t show the minion shirt to any member of my family, but it still is my favorite.

  4. Happy birthday to Gareth. Compared to the rest, the summer blue shirt is remarkably understated (and makes me think of summer skies). Wear them in health and happiness, Gareth.

  5. Those shirts are amazing! I love the button choices for them too. Happy movie-viewing!

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