Candle holder

This thing has driven me nuts. Then it finally defeated me.

I had four attempts at soldering a base on, but each time the twiddly bits started to melt before the solder did, so in the end it’s got no base. I also lost one of the windows in the gatehouse so I had to knock the other out to match!

gareth doesn’t really like shiny, so I gave it a uniform rub over with fine sandpaper for a satin finish.


The story of it is that Gareth demanded a kings college cambridge version of the oxford candleholder from the jeweler on oxford high street.

I’d actually like to do more of these, because I have several ideas for original designs ( a dragon, the fellowship of the ring, rockside) and I’m much happier with the .Doctor who that I did. Trouble is they’re an expensive thing to make because the glass inserts are over twenty quid from skandium before you even buy the silver.

we have new kitten pics, he is both fat and derpy. He’s coming home a week on Saturday.


~ by opusanglicanum on February 21, 2017.

9 Responses to “Candle holder”

  1. It may have been fiddly and expensive to make, but it looks good!
    And so does the kitten…

  2. Kitten is a leopard. And the candle holder is lovely.

  3. Hello. Can I come along? I did a WP search for Bengal kitten and your site was the only one that looks interesting. I’ve an 8mo old snow Bengal, a Siamese and an American Akita. But I mostly blog about the cats, my plants, books, and places we go that I can take beautiful pictures of.

  4. The candleholder is very handsome. And the kitten – oh, you must be so eagerly waiting for next Saturday!

    • He’s not my kitten, he’s Gareth’s. Personally I think kittens are annoying, the best thing about them is that they grow up to be cats. I just wish branston would hurry up and grow up…

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