Dragon maggot

I think this one is a larval form of water dragon

The fact that he’s  a baby, albeit an ugly, lumpy sort of baby, makes it all the more sad that he’s being slaughtered.

I always had quite conflicted feelings about including a dragon slaying in this composition. (eventually I will get to the fantasy with all the everyday scenes in it, and I’m already wondering what to do about the bear baiting tableau. I mean, on the one hand it’s a vivid illustration of the barbarity that once passed for sport, but on the other I want to cry every time I look at that poor, sad bear). What swung the inclusion of this vignette was firstly that it provides a strong diagonal, which the composition needed, and also that the dragon slayer is so obviously shown as a grotesque – perhaps indicating the scribe felt more sympathy for the dragon?

Anyway, I felt so sorry for the poor little maggot that I put little flowers on the end of his blood spurts, which are just wavy lines of red in the psalter. And I comfort myself thinking about the crocodiles who produce hundreds of eggs for only a few to survive, lest the world be overrun with crocs – maybe this is a similar form of natural selection…

~ by opusanglicanum on March 10, 2017.

5 Responses to “Dragon maggot”

  1. Humans do have some pretty barbaric ideas of fun, don’t they – but as you point out, Nature’s not much better…

  2. I do like the flowers though…..

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