I was looking for something else, and I found these…

and I’m quite confused. I mean, it’s obvious these were painted by me, but I don’t remember ever doing them. I don’t paint much, I find it frustrating because I can never quite get the colours right (I’m stupidly sensitive to colours, I’m better since I replaced my cheap standard watercolours with natural pigment ones because they’re not as jarring, but I still spend 95% of all painting time mixing colours because they’re wrong) and I don’t paint flowers.

I’m confused.

And Branston is tired. He says parenting is hard, and how long until the little spotty git grows up?

~ by opusanglicanum on March 13, 2017.

6 Responses to “huh?”

  1. As I am having a major clear-out I am finding all sorts of learned articles that I have clearly read as I have made notes on them. No recollection whatsoever, though. I feel you.

    • but you can re read them, and learn anew, since the articles are presumably not ones you wrote yourself, whereas I’m left wondering when I was abducted by aliens with a penchant for mimsy floral watercolours…

  2. Can you paint flowers in your sleep, I wonder?

  3. Clearly painted about this time of year, whenever you did them. I can’t see you having much problem with painting flowers, looking at these.

    • I’m still blank. I must have been doodling. Maybe I was trying to get over my aversion for painting greenery, it’s a hangover from a level art, one of the teachers made us go to preston park and paint the same leaf of the same rubber plant for about six months. We hated her

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