Women’s labours – May

May is the May queen. Mr May is hunting, so his counterpart is hunting for love.

I adapted an image from the seal of Eleanor of Aquitaine, I fattened her out a little because the original would have made a catwalk model feel fat, and I replaced her crown, orb, and sceptre with flowers. Since she has Lillie’s in her crown I gave her bluebells and roses in her hands.

obviously she had to have a green dress for spring ( I think her theme song is “walking on velvet green” by jethro tull, which was always one of my favourite songs, although I recall that as a teenager I was quite grateful that my nana was too deaf to listen to the lyrics when she was telling me to turn it down). However I gave her the most expensive red cloak lined with fur to emphasise her queenliness.

and speaking of queens, mays cat is Riley. Riley was born feral under a vintage car ( hence the name, although other people always assumed we named her after Riley ace of spies). Her brother came in on Christmas morning, but Riley didn’t come into the house until I’d spent most of February crouching on the back steps with my fingers covered in cat food. She was a tiny little thing, but ruled her enormous brother with a claw of iron – the poor lad wasn’t even allowed to eat until Riley had chosen which dish she wanted, and even then shed sometimes still smack him.

~ by opusanglicanum on March 19, 2017.

6 Responses to “Women’s labours – May”

  1. Beautiful rendition! Love the story about the cats, too!

  2. It sounds as though “living the life of Riley” was really quite something!

    “May” is looking lovely, queenly indeed.

    • she was an odd little cat. having missed the crucial socialisation window in young kittens it was almost two years before she plucked up the courage to sit on anyone’s lap – although I think the fact that she eventually became a veritable lapcat proves that older cats can adapt more than animal behaviourists would give them credit for

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I am planning a workshop called, ‘And I shall be queen of the May’ which is something my mother always used to say. We’ll be making greening things to bring into the house from fabric and paper. Best love.


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