Dragon hound

Just a small creature this week. I’m not sure he’d be much use at hunting dragons, he looks to me more like a spaniel who thinks he’s fierce.

I made two changes from the original ms, the first being the colour. I moved away from the original blue because he’s trotting along underneath a big blue horse, and that would have been too much blue. The second was that on the principle of blank space is a very bad thing in medieval art, I put a flower on the end of his tail. Although I’m not so sure it’s a flower, it could be a decorative version of those spiky clubs some dinosaurs had on the end of their tails?

Don’t ask me the name of the dinosaur though, it could have been Gilbert for all I know…

~ by opusanglicanum on March 21, 2017.

10 Responses to “Dragon hound”

  1. Stegosaurus, my favourite dinosaur, has spiky things on the end of his tail but it doesn’t look much like a flower. Although that would have been appropriate as stegi is a herbivor. His spiked tail was most likely used for defense against predators and he would have adopted a stance much like your spaniel, perhaps he is a distant cousin, a spanielsaurus, maybe!

    Loved the fish border below 🙂

    • I googled it, I was thinking of ankylosaurus, which has a much clubbier club, but steggy would pass as well.

      I’m not sure spanielsaurus would be very ferocious. My friend, who has both a spaniel and a small boy, was telling us that when they went to the louvre they played spot the spaniel in the c17th painting gallery – not a hard game

      • Anklyosaurus, definitely – they were my fav growing up. Who doesn’t love a spikey armoured turtle of DOOM. I think your spanielsaurus is going to be more hampered by his lack of limbs – I’m not sure his tail is a club so much as a counterweight.

      • Or maybe it revolves like a helicopter blade so he car fly?

  2. Oh, I don’t know, you might find that spanielosaurus, with a morningstar on the end of his tale, would be a good deal more ferocious than a regular spaniel with a feathery plume. The effect would be the more alarming for being unexpected, that’s for sure!

  3. I think he might be planning to lick the dragon to death…

  4. He’s not neally as fierce as he’s pretending to be. And the photo shows the true splendour of the fishy border. Maybe he is guarding that fish because he wants it for his supper?

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