June, women’s labours

Im trying to catch up on washing and stretching these for class next weekend, as I’d built up a backlog ( well, two).

June, with a correct Latin spelling ( I googled it). Dairy. That’s branston drinking out of the bucket, because he’s a little horror for stealing other peoples drinks – his favourite trick is spilling water all over the floor.

~ by opusanglicanum on March 27, 2017.

8 Responses to “June, women’s labours”

  1. I love the green sward. (No idea what a sward is, but it seemed like the right word to use!) When will Trouble make his appearance in the Labours? Or other work.

  2. What is it about felines and felony?

  3. I’m sure he’d be delighted to spill an entire pail of milk too.

    • Probably, although he’s just been outdone by the kitten, who ran off with an open bag of ground almonds. He’s covered in the bloody stuff and is scattering marzipan dandruff round the house ( he’s Gareth’s kitten, Gareth can clean up)

  4. I saw this post just after coming home with a pint of milk as I had none left for breakfast. Made me very grateful that for me this only involves a trip to the shop rather than trying to cope with udders and a bucket on a cold, wet winter’s morning. It may look pretty being a milkmaid in June, but….

    • then again, when you consider some of the alternative jobs I think I’d rather be with the cows, at least ehy’d keep you warm in winter and protect you from smallpox

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