Little Saxon thing

I prepared six designs for the Anglo Saxon class on Sunday, but as always allowed everyone the option of doing thier own design. At this class I also allowed the choice of working in wool or silk – I don’t think I would be happy teaching a class where I dictated every aspect of the design, people need to enjoy what they’re doing.

anyway, in the end we had eight alfred jewels, two Saxon brooches, one beastie, and one original design.

one design that no one picked was a simple little enamel brooch, which I thought was cute so I decided to do a version of my own

Its very small, barely two inches diameter. All silk, split stitch, stem stitch,laid and couched work and outline couching.

Those working in silk had a choice of filament or some plied veg dyed silk I did a few years ago. I’d forgotten I had the veg dyed silk, to be honest, and got quite excited about it when I dug it out for class, so I decided to play.

the original brooch was blue white and yellow, and to be honest I think my colour choice makes the design look more late medieval, but I loved the way they sat together. I’m also not so sure the dark red silk works for the couching, gold might have lifted it a bit. Gareth says my problem is I’ve shocked myself by doing something subtle, and I don’t normally do subtle so I can’t come to terms with it.

I might end up using it under I for illumination on my bodliean scroll, I’m not sure…

When I arrived on Friday I was shocked by how bare the workroom looked, so Jude made me take a picture of it looking busy

And one of the women’s labours trundling along nicely

~ by opusanglicanum on April 6, 2017.

8 Responses to “Little Saxon thing”

  1. The brooch does look very sweet – I see what you mean about gold “lifting” it, but it is charming as it is.

  2. Proof! I got to the station and realised I’d left my water bottle behind. There it is …
    I like the brooch. It is pretty. I like pretty. I love the little pearls.
    Thanks for a great day on Saturday, too. It’s always a pleasure to sew in that group.

  3. I like these colours and the brooch is cute. I really enjoyed Sunday thank you for a great day!


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