Blue meanie

Am doing ok at this weekly luttrell update thing.

I’m quite pleased with his blue grey skin, it reminds me of a kabuki mask, although I’m not so sure about the horsie’s bogbrush tail, even though it looks like the ms.

Wierd, nonhuman looking skin is used in medieval art to indicate the grotesque, evil, and unnatural, and I find it interesting that the dragon slayer is shown this way because it shows sympathy for the dragon.

The baby chicken dragon up above isn’t going to be yellow in the end, I was in a hurry and grabbed yellow at class on Sunday to demo, but when I got it home I changed my mind.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 7, 2017.

6 Responses to “Blue meanie”

  1. I I thought you might be interested in the community project I am currently leading.

    I am also absorbed by medieval embroidery!

  2. Well, someone must occasionally have wondered what the dragons thought of all these people making a virtue of killing them off..

  3. The horse tail looks like someone stuck a giant feather into the horse’s tail. But if that were true, the angle would be quite awkward…

    I agree, making the skin of the dragon slayer nonhuman blue shows sympathy for the dragons, but it totally fits into this tapestry.

    • It looks exactly like that, but it also looks exactly like the ms, so you can see why I’m torn? Maybe it’s a horsecat, and it’s scared so it’s doing bogbrush tail.

      I don’t think I could have put him in if he looked too human

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