Fashion show

I trotted out to do a little fashion show at a new textile symposium at leeds university today. It’s always odd seeing my frocks on other people.

Although there was the odd modern safety pin visible, because temporary adjustments had to be made.

i haven’t worn the red duchesse satin one that’s second from the left for years. That lady really suits it more than I ever did, but I think I might have to get it out more often after today.

One thing that didn’t get worn ( I took eight outfits for six models and let them choose) was the one that goes with this.

I did talk about it though, firstly because it’s a prime example of my habit of making an entire outfit because I desperately need a daft hat, and secondly because it’s a lesson in how much experimentation often goes into things. I made this maybe seventeen years ago, and revamp it almost every time I wear it. I’ve shown it here with the crespine/ cocaCola cans empty, but I’ve tried it with all sorts of fake hairs and stuffings, none of which have ever quite worked. Additionally, the rivets that originally held the sides on gave out to metal fatigue almost at once because I hadn’t considered the amount of movement it needs, so now I sew the metal together, which works better, and I also usually run a ribbon around the bottom of each can and the back of my head to control the movement and support some of the wieght ( I’ve seen cheap versions made from lightweight modern alloys, but this is gilded silver with real gems so it’s quite heavy)

its  very pretty when worn, but to be honest I avoid wearing it unless I have to because my nickname for it the headache inducer- you carry all the wieght on your forehead.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 22, 2017.

6 Responses to “Fashion show”

  1. Absolutely drooling. UGH need to finish my kit I bought from you 😦 Gorgeous stuff

  2. Clearly the phrase “fashion victim” should have been invented several centuries ago!

  3. Oh dear… this makes me want to create a whole new outfit! I REALLY need to get my male archers outfit sorted first though (hose are a terrible item to try and fit so they don’t fall down around your ankles every 5 minutes) I have two dresses but now I want more!

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