gormless twerp

no, not you, him,

He concludes that turn of the frame, and I’m on to the next now

and in other news, I had nothing on my living history frame for the St George’s day event at Pontefract on Sunday, so I had to start off a little dragon. I had a choice of a triangular scrap, or cutting into a big roll of fabric. My tightfistedness with cloth lead to some rather avant-garde lacing…

I dressed the tent quite simply, with only a couple of the big hangings, because the timeline was c12th, which meant a lot of stuff wasn’t suitable. I really suffered on Sunday though, because I forgot my cushion (essential embroidery equipment, the cushion)

I did remember daffodils though, because I like flowers in my tent, and my tent always has to be the prettiest.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 27, 2017.

8 Responses to “gormless twerp”

  1. I follow your blog, and wonder where you are situated? Am I correct in thinking you are in Yorkshire?

    I ask because I am the project leader of the Stamford Bridge Tapestry Project, and I and my stitchers have become very interested in all things medieval, as well as battle depictions and community stitched projects.

    I understand from your blog that you are also a re-enactor? I thought It would be useful to us both to make contact.

    Last night we gave a combined talk with the Battle of Towton Tapestry ladies to the Battlefield Society and we have numerous events to attend this summer, including the Leeds Medieval Congress, and our own commemorative event in September. I love your gormless twerp! and enjoy your blog very much. It would be nice to be in touch with you.

    Very best wishes


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    • Hi,

      Yes, Yorkshire, sometimes Leeds, Sometimes on the coast. I’ll be at the Imc too, I’ve been involved for years, this year I’m teaching a workshop to make an anglo saxon ring, trading at the craft fair, and exhibiting at making leeds medieval.

  2. I love your avant-garde lacing! It’s made a little scrap useful and usable…!

  3. I imagine a very confused spider contemplating your lacing …and the large twerp it caught.

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