Three in bishop auckland. One is this Thursday, laid and couched beasties, one appliqué next month, and an Anglo Saxon rings day in September.

And another laid and couched in June at Nottingham lakeside arts

~ by opusanglicanum on May 9, 2017.

6 Responses to “Classes”

  1. I saw Auckland and got excited for all of 2 seconds. Must be the people Auckland, NZ is named for.

  2. bishop Auckland was where the prince bishop of durham, one of the most powerful men in northern England had his hunting lodge and palace. the bishop recently had a new house build half a mile from the park and sold the palace to a local entrepreneur who’s trying to develop it as a tourist attraction.

    we have a lot of places round here that famous cities of the world are named for for, we’ve a Washington, a Toronto…

    • Haha – yes! You would laugh at how many ‘Victoria’, Albert and Elizabeth
      Streets there are in NZ

      • we have a lot of those too. bishop Auckland though, is never reffered to as Auckland, locals call it bishop,(although the palace is officially Auckland castle) and barnard castle is barnie (which confuses the hell out of my dad’s black lab, also called barny)

  3. Having great fun with the Ashmolean course but have run out of the background fill – 3rd run madder silk. Help?

    Yes I am the one who lost my silk for couching…..

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