Little Dragons

I’ve been trying to clean up my workshop and finish some UFOs, Including these six little silver dragon pendants, whose purpose, sadly, is long passed.

They’re based on an Anglo-Saxon book mount. There is one with an eye missing – this happens sometimes with granulation work when one of the beads just doesn’t stick (just look at archaeological jewellery), I could fix him, but I’m keeping him just the way he is because he’s definitely the cutest and he’s mine.

I don’t have a use for these three though. So since I don’t do patreon, or have one of those annoying windows that pops up asking for money every time you try to read something *stares hard at frockflicks*, I thought I’d leave this picture here, and say that if anyone would like to buy me a birthday present, then they’re thirty five pounds (including uk post, anywhere else will be a bit extra). They’re hallmarked sterling silver, and quite chunky.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 8, 2017.

11 Responses to “Little Dragons”

  1. They’re very sweet, and I’m sure they’ll soon be flying off to new homes. I’m trying to exercise restraint, or I’d be seriously tempted!

  2. They are really sweet and so I’m seriously tempted, although I probably don’t have a use for them. So I’m trying to restrain myself.

  3. Hi, Yes, I’d like one please, a birthday pressie for myself. Happy birthday to you too. Please Paypal me.

  4. Hello, I would like one please.

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