Some things.

I have been utterly rubbish the last few weeks. I forgot to take photos at the IMC, at pontefract, and at the Lincolnshire embroidery guild AGM, but luckily, Jayne Hudson sent me a picky of her finished dragon from the Lincoln class

I love the orange eyeshadow with matching orange toenail polish. My aunty margy likes to tell of the time before my mum had met my dad, when the two of them went to a disco. Margy was so horrified by my mums lime green trouser suit with coordinated orange accessories that she made mum get off the bus early so they wouldn’t be seen entering the disco together. But am sure this little chap will be the absolute belle of the dragon disco.

I made some Anglo Saxon outfits for Preston park museum in Stockton this week, here modelled by Sophie ( still have to make her a headdress)

~ by opusanglicanum on August 6, 2017.

8 Responses to “Some things.”

  1. This is absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you!!! Love your blog!!!!!!

  2. Oh, he is fab!

    And that outfit is so pretty it’s making me want to do Anglo-Saxon. No! Do not need another era! One is plenty!

  3. Yikes, what would Gareth’s idea of a Large greenhouse be? The Palm House at Kew?

    I rather like your tale of your Mum at the disco. She sounds like my kind of girl – lime and orange is one combination I used to use, too…

    • I believe he classifies the palm house at kew as comfortably sized.

      I remember howling with laughter when I was fifteen and found mums first wedding photos – she wore a lime green kaftan with dinner plate sized daisies on it (she still has it somewhere)

  4. If that greenhouse is small, would a big one fit into your garden at all?

    I love the little dragon with his orange accents, and I also love your anglo saxon dress.

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