Stitchalong dragon

Gareth thought she was looking lovely (I think it’s a girl dragon) but kept muttering I’d ruin it by putting gold on.

He has admitted that he was wrong.

Chris the dragon doesn’t just use laid and couched work like previous stitchalong beasties, she also uses trellis couching, opus style split stitch, cloisterstitch, german brick stitch, and some couched outlines with gilded leather. So although she uses authentic stitches, this many different techniques would not have been used together in period, but I was having fun because this is an original design.


there is an ebay listing if you prefer, but it’s more expensive due to fees

The shop is out of order at the moment, but I’m getting a new laptop next week, so hopefully will be up and running again by the end of the month. In the mean time if you would like any of the other kits (unicorn, leopard, baby leaf tailed dragon, rabbit hunting, wilfrid manykecks, owl physician,)just pm me.

Dragon is roughly cushion sized, so about twelve inches finished size.

Kit includes marked canvas, individual colour key, veg dyed wools, fluffy silk thread for the dragons hat, needle and gilded leather. The kit can be made up with whatever colour dragon you choose, she would look lovely in red or blue or purple.

Price forty two pounds plus post (3 uk. 5 Europe. 6 usa/oz)

I’m also offering marked canvas only for twelve pounds plus post

If you want to work with your own materials there will be a pdf with the first post, which will be on the first of September, and you’ll need an even(ish) weave canvas and some nice colours of thread – crewel wool is recommended.

First posting will be beginning of September, fortnightly after that.


~ by opusanglicanum on August 9, 2017.

26 Responses to “Stitchalong dragon”

  1. Yes please (with bells on!)

  2. Yes please, in the same colourway she is in the picture

  3. She’s snoozing happily on her cushion, I must say. Thinking about that…

  4. Yes please. I would love to do a red dragon.

  5. Would this be appropriate for someone who has done some wool embroidery, but is by no means an expert? (She is totally gorgeous… )

  6. I’m very interested and would like to use some of my Watercolours stash if that would work? But I’d like to purchase the canvas from you please.

  7. […] IN other news, there’s still time to order a Christmas stitchalong dragon kit […]

  8. I held out for almost twelve hours, but I always knew I would succumb! May I have a blue dragon, please? Thank you.

  9. Kit arrived this morning. Thanks

  10. […] Kits can also still be purchased – pm me for details […]

  11. Now I can not hold out any more, have never done anything like it before and are having problem with what color I want but I can always do another one later if I want some other color when I know what material to use. How big frame should I use to hold the canvas when sewing? So I want to buy a green dragon shipped to Sweden 🙂

    • you need a frame a little bigger than the canvas, so in this case about 45×45 cm minimum (I’d go for 50). I will sned you a paypal invoice for the kit, please be aware they’re made to order so it can take a few days

  12. Good morning, I would like to order a kit from you for the wonderful dragon.

    Our paypal account is in my husband’s name. Please email me privately for if you require the name on the account or any additional information you need. Thank you. Kim

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