I had a day of textile demos and storytelling at Nuneaton museum on Saturday, and for once I actually remembered to take photos!

(possibly this was because there were signs all over the place saying that no photography was allowed, but I did get the ok)

I finished my puppy dog dragon that I started at pontefract in May. He was worked over the course of four events.

I rather like him, he might become a kit. At the IMC three lovely boys from China came to see him and we’re trying to teach me the proper name for the Chinese elemental dragon who holds a pearl, but in the end we agreed that this dragon is too silly to be an elemental, because he’s obviously playing fetch with his ball.

I didn’t put everything on display, I’m having to edit things these days. But it was interesting because the temporary display in the other gallery was of some small woven tapestries, and of course, most people seeing embroidery will say ” ooh, look, tapestries!”, so for once I was able to point them at real tapestry to see the difference.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 14, 2017.

9 Responses to “Saturday.”

  1. Gorgeous!

    Having to curate your display. Ah, to have such problems… 😉

  2. He’s a very sweet puppy-dragon, I agree!

  3. Your puppy dragon is really sweet! And I agree with you and the boys, he’s too young and playful to be an elemental. Maybe when he grows up he could become an elemental dragon.

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