E is for English, not really that common until the later medieval. I used an appliqué rose, which is rather sweet, but once I’d finished it I realised I should have shown st George with his spear poking the dragon who is diagonally below.

I can’t really unpick it, as the green leaves a mark on the white background. So I’ve rolled it on and told myself that if I finish before the entry deadline I’ll go back and either lift out the entire white square and replace it, or think about how I can edit somehow (possibly leave the rose and have a tiny st George hiding among the frond)

~ by opusanglicanum on August 21, 2017.

6 Responses to “E”

  1. It is rather a sweet little rose, but the idea of a miniscule St George is undeniably appealing, I must say…

  2. My first name starts with E. I admit for the most common letter of the alphabet, it’s hard to come up with nouns of interest that start with E!

    • Not as hard as U, and T gave me problems as well. the trouble is they don’t just have to begin with the letter, they have to have some sort of relevance, no matter how tenuous, to medieval books.

  3. Love the idea of a miniature St George hiding behind the rose!

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