for French.

Gareth argued that putting a cute froggy on the French panel was racist, so I asked foudebassan, who is actually French, and she said it wasn’t, so Nyah.

Plus medieval frogs are just weird looking and I’ve been wanting to embroider one for ages.

And yes, there is a tiny snail sliding his way up the side of F, I’m trying to sneak in at least half a dozen snails because they’re obviously utterly hilarious to medieval minds (don’t ask me why)


~ by opusanglicanum on August 22, 2017.

4 Responses to “F”

  1. I suppose snails fit in with the medieval liking for curls and swirls?

  2. Was it on purpose that your frog is missing is front legs? He looks like a half-developed froglet.

    • yes, he’s based on one from a fifteenth century ms. Frogs don’t seem to be very commonly depicted, I found this funny little chap, or one who looked like a grumpy green blob. I preferred the legless version because he’s a bit more dynamic

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