is for jewels.

technically, this was the first letter I did, because the jewel settings were made whilst I was still working on the Christmas dragon. I used amber (honestly, I bought those two long thin amber pieces about a year ago, thinking that were weren’t much use for medieval, but they were such an odd shape I had to have them – but I thought they’d just sit in my rock stash and look pretty until I died) amethyst, citrine, garnet, moonstone, opal, ruby, and a random enamel that was left over from my Norman dress collar.

Plus pearls, lots of pearls.

I planned out the shapes on paper before I set the stones, but I had an accident whilst setting them. You might notice that one of the amber rods is a bit wonky, and thats because I broke it. I didn’t want a lot of weight, and I figured these would never have to take the stress of being worn on a garment, so I used copper foil for the back of the settings, but I slipped setting the first amber, twisted the setting and broke the stone.

However it fortuitously broke in the right direction for the curve of the J, so I just jammed it back together and stabilised the whole thing with a bit of epoxy resin. Yes, I am that lazy.


~ by opusanglicanum on August 28, 2017.

6 Responses to “J”

  1. It looks very good. I wouldn’t have noticed the wonky amber if you’d said nothing!

  2. I feel like using the wonky amber as a J is the kind of thrifty thing medieval folk would’ve approved of.

    This project is looking absolutely fantastic. I get excited every time you post a new letter. 🙂

  3. Nobody would have noticed the broken amber if you hadn’t told us. It fits perfect.
    I love this book and I’m looking forward to every new letter.

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