is for numerals

It was going to be noun, but the only picture I could think of for noun was nun, which only sounds similar, so it was a bit crap.

I mailed Daniel at the bodleian weeks ago and asked about signatures. apparently it hadn’t occurred to him that most artists routinely sign their work, so he asked for it to be inconspicuous. I normally sign with just a monogram and the date in numerals, so I figure this is close enough?

I used silver leather for a change, I think it will look ok because it’s slap bang in the centre. I had to sketch the numerals out in mirror writing on the back of the leather (a single letter I can just cut freehand, but this was more complicated), I’ve always been pretty good at mirror writing but I got a bit paranoid and made Gareth check it anyway.

I’m not entirely sure about the pearls though, they sort of make it look like a stage mirror…


~ by opusanglicanum on September 1, 2017.

6 Responses to “N”

  1. It looks good. And yes, I think the monogram is inconspicuous enough, while still being definitely there!

  2. That’s a very discreet signature! Definitely approved. 🙂

    I see what you mean about the stage mirror effect, but wait until you have the finished piece and see how “obvious” it’s then. If they still stand out too much, maybe use smaller pearls, or french knots in yellow and/or red instead?

    • the thing with the big pearls is that although they’re real, they have flat backs, so they do sit lovely. I think it can stay the way it is, mainly because I’m too lazy to unpick

  3. Your signature is perfect! It’s there, it’s visible, but I think nobody will see it as your signature. The people who read the number will most likely think that it’s clever that you used the year you made this as a number for your numerals page.

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