is for sheep. Especially since my scroll is meant to be for the education of young sheeps.

I used fluffy silk couched down on top of gilded leather. It’s an example of medeival techinque and materials used in a not particularly medeival way, but I wanted him to look like the golden sheep of Greek legend – no reason we can’t have the odd classical reference in a medeival project. He was meant to be couched in celtic spirals, but that didn’t quite work out, the fluffy silk was too fluffy.

I did get quite annoyed with myself though, because I got halfway through and realised I’d sewn him on upside down. I was tempted to make him an antipodean sheep, since even with a glovers needle leather isn’t that easy to sew, but I grumpily picked him off and started again.

He looks very pleased with his golden self, doesn’t he?

~ by opusanglicanum on September 14, 2017.

12 Responses to “S”

  1. I thought he was looking mornful about his uncle! But he is rather splendid 🙂

  2. He does look a little smug. And gorgeously fluffy!

  3. Fantastic

  4. I love it! Especially what he is saying. And as for the little lambs in the illustration.. ahhhh! Looking forward to seeing it in the fluff.

    • I’m glad someone noticed my little lambs,I was rather pleased with them

      I’m supposed to find out yay or nay if it’s been shortlisted tomorrow. I keep thinking that because it’s textile it won’t be considered proper art

  5. Definitely one of the best embroidered sheep I have seen. Kudos!

  6. He looks wonderfully fluffy! And I love what he’s saying and the little lambs.

  7. Oh, he is wonderful. So delightfully curly and fluffy-looking.

    • he is quite cuddly looking, isn’t he? I keep thinking this would be a lovley thing for the visually impaired – if it doesn’t end up being exhibited I must remeber to let my dad get a feel of it at christmas

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