ABC news

Just got an Email, the Abc scroll has made the shortlist in the Bodleian competition

~ by opusanglicanum on September 15, 2017.

33 Responses to “ABC news”

  1. Congratulations – I’ve thought from A to S . . . that your work is looking like it has a very, very good chance of winning. Fingers crossed and loads of luck!

    • I honestly think I’ve got bugger all chance of winning(I think art competitions are always a friedn of the judge), but I wanted to at least get shortlisted. It would be nice if it also got displayed during the exhibition, but they’re saying only half the shortlist will make it

  2. That’s very good to hear. Well done!

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Fantastic news and I’m not at all surprised!

    • well, it wasn’t an embroidery competition, and it often feels like textiles aren’t considered real art unless they’re you know – not actaully textiles- so it’s nice to make the shortlist

  5. Wonderful! and much deserved.

  6. Well of course it did, it’s awesome!

  7. Many congratulations! Well deserved!

  8. Oh well done! If the other entries are anywhere near as witty and interesting, it will be a fantastic exhibition. Fingers crossed for you.

    • the final exhibition is January and december, so I’ll have to make time to go down and see as I’m not normally in oxford that time of year. I want to go have a look even if mine doesn’t make the final cut for exhibition (theyre saying maybe half the shortlist will be on display, the rest digitally)

  9. Congratulations. It’s wonderful and deserves to win.


  11. Congratulations! It is a fantastic piece, and the shortlisting is well-deserved.

  12. Wahoo! Contragulations!

  13. Congratulations!
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your scroll getting displayed or maybe even winning.
    If the judges don’t have a bias against textiles (as you said in a reply to underatopazsky) I think you have a good chance of winning.

  14. Congratulations! Well deserved, in my opinion, and I really hope you make the exhibition because I would love to see it in person. Good luck in the final judging.

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