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I haven’t taken pics from the opus class yet,(I’ve been pretty hopeless all round this year, I’ve either forgotten to take pictures at all, or I’ve forgotten to post them, it’s nothing personal) as they’re only 2/3 the way through, but here are pics from the three day Anglo Saxon embroidery course at the ashmolean. IN no particular order. Some are veg dyed wool, some veg dyed silk, and one deveres silk.

The soft veg dyed silks of the tree are lovely, and that strange little horselike beast is looking adorable(I’m glad he got chosen, I have a soft spot for that design, he just looks so pleased with life)

the Alfies are in various stages of completion, but everyone had a go at each technique. It was fascinating to see how the different colourways worked, and although it’s not strictly authentic to put gold thread with wool it does look interesting (I’m thinking of working some gold thread into the Luttrell fantasy with bishops in. bishops love a bit of bling). Hopefully I’ll see some finished Alfies soon, because I want to see how their doleful little faces work out- they are showing great potential for comical expressions so far, which are quite faithful to the face of the original jewel Alfie.

And the two finished roundels are a bit spiffy, aren’t they? I regret not having lollipops on hand  for finishing, but there were macarons

~ by opusanglicanum on September 29, 2017.

4 Responses to “class pictures”

  1. I agree about the horse-like creature. He’s such a cheerful fellow!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Thank you for all your advice. Still not decided on a name for my sea-horse-beast-creature but he is a happy soul. I have fallen a bit in love with the bling around the outside it just makes him seem happier and I am extra happy when I look at him all sparkly! I’ll send some pictures when he is finished 🙂

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