Is for Xenophon ( I’ve been rubbish keep forgetting to post, sorry)

Another classical reference because seriously, there just aren’t that many X words, and even fewer vaguely related to books of any sort.

I chose to reference his work on horsemanship because I’m sure I read somewhere that was his most well known work during the medeival period. It makes sense when you think of the central position of the horse in the life of medeival nobility.

Plus, I always found the anabasis hard work, so…

~ by opusanglicanum on October 4, 2017.

7 Responses to “X”

  1. I think I’ve vaguely come across references to Xenophon and horses in medieval contexts, and I’m no medievalist, so it can’t be that obscure!

  2. I do hope you will be offering a printed copy of this book for sale, would love to add it to my library.

  3. Good photos -we’ve already seen you achieve that, then go to blurb.co.uk, a print on demand book company, upload photos and any introduction/writing. Play with the presentation templates, decide on your favourite layouts and ‘Bob’s your uncle!’
    I have bought one of their books and can vouch for the quality of their finished item. I was also trying to put together a book with them, but the old ‘puter died and I lost info and mojo for project, but it was fun and pretty easy.

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