is for thorn, because as we all know “ye olde” is actually “the old” because the rune thorn was retained for many centuries in the english alphabet to represent the “th” sound unique to our mother tongue, leading to confusion with the similar looking letter y once thorn was phased out.

plus, may I repeat my previous iteration about those last few letters being tricky?

Personally I’m mostly just amused by the fact that thorn spelled with thorn looks like porn – which is also quite relevant to medeival manuscripts.

I promise snail being ridden by jousting bunny is the final snail.

~ by opusanglicanum on October 5, 2017.

8 Responses to “Y”

  1. I, for one, am sad to say good bye to the snails, and I shall be even more sad to say good bye to your medieval book alphabet.

    • there’s still z, and some pics of whole thing.

      stitchalong tomorrow though, I’ve just been rescuing all the pics from my phone after I dropped a roman sword on it this afternoon…

  2. Oh, noes! Loved the snails. And have really enjoyed the alphabet, too.

    • I’ve enjoyed the snails more than I thought I would, to the extent that I’m thinking sometimes in the distant future (distant as in have four more luttrell fantasies I want to do, and a rudiepops fantasy first) there might even be a snailsn’bunnies hanging

  3. Love the jousting bunny!
    Am I the only person to wish the thorn hadn’t fallen out of use?

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