Putting the scroll together

Before I’d done a stitch on this project, I did the finials for the scroll. They are ABC in silver with amethysts, plus a rock crystal twiddly bit I had lying around that sort of reminded me of a cross between a unicorn horn and one of those pointy things medeival types used for reading.

It’s not as extravagant as it seems because all three pieces of silver came from my scrap drawer(hence they’re three different thicknesses of metal) and the amethysts are part of a bulk lot, nearly a kilo, of native cut stones I bought for ten quid nearly twenty years ago and which I’ve barely made a dent in despite plastering amethysts over any bit of silver that sat still long enough.

When I do the saint and sinners Luttrell fantasy I want to make silver finials for the hanging pole, so these were a good practice run.

I’m quite pleased with the finials, but mostly I’m pleased because I sawed the wood to make the rods all by myself. I don’t do woodwork, I have a cringing level of horror for the texture of unpolished wood that verges on the autistic, (my stepbrothers used to torture my by rubbing teatowels on damp wooden spoons whislt I ran away screaming. I’m sure they fully realised how cruel they were being, but they were teenage boys so they didn’t care) so I really impressed myself.

I interlined the scroll with a layer of white linen to prevent the backing showing through. The backing itself is a sort of crazy patchwork of assorted leftover bits of medeival brocade, which again reflects my fascination with re-use of medeival textiles, whilst also satifying my extreme miserliness with cloth, and I think it gives a nicely decadent feel. I was especially satisfied by being about to use those two big triangular panels on the right hand side.

Excuse the small kitten shaped lump underneath it, once he’s asleep he deosn’t move for anything.

I measured it very carefully, then I made it approximately an inch too short to wrap around the rod and had to faff about sewing an extra bit on. Obviously I was doing all of this on the day of the submission deadline with hours to spare…

It’s edged with a red silk cord

~ by opusanglicanum on October 17, 2017.

8 Responses to “Putting the scroll together”

  1. It does look wonderfully exotic with the patchwork brocade lining, and I’m very taken with the finials, I must say!

  2. The finials would make wonderful heads for a verge.

  3. Wonderful work, congratulations!

  4. Love the brocade patchwork. And the ‘mouse’ just showing under it. Is that the young tiger’s toy?

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